I am the author of six novels: The Shaman’s Quest, The Shaman’s Transformation, The Shaman’s War, The Shaman’s Genesis,  The Shaman’s Revelations, and The Making of A Shaman.  I am also the author of the following nonfiction books: Shamanism What It’s All About, DUH! The American Educational Disaster, So You THINK You Want To Be A Buddhist? , Promethean Necessity and Its Implications for Humanity, Activating Your Spirit Guides, Shamanic Manifesting, The Shaman’s Journey Through Poetry (with Gavriel Navarro), How to Make Ethical and Moral Decision: A Guide, and The Sayings of Esaugetuh. Reiki-The Instructors’ Manuals as well as college textbooks in the Humanities.  Over 350 of my articles have been published on the internet

I am a shamanic healer, a Reiki Master, a certified crystal healer, a spiritual counselor, and I am certified as a cognitive behavioral therapist. My first doctorate is in the humanities and my second is in metaphysical humanism. I am a minister in the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism.

I have a weekly podcast called The Chatter Box. I do not discuss politics, politicians, or political parties. It is available at http://www.mixlr.com.

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