I am delighted to share with you an announcement from the Founding Director of The Traveling Shamans, Julia Widdop. She has announced Shamans are Traveling to Colorado for Shamans Camp and they are traveling from all over the world to the tiny town of Hotchkiss, Colorado, for the Traveling Shamans Camp 2019. The dates are July 26-28th. The primary goal of Traveling Shamans is to stimulate an interest in the environment, and its health; the human, the plant and the animal interdependence on that health.

Shamans are gathering to sweat, smoke, & drum together. Shamans, shamanic practitioners, and artists in attendance will also lead ceremonies and workshops that are open to the public. Traveling Shamans Camp is totally supported by donations. Traveling Shamans Camp is being sponsored by the Shamanic Arts Center of Hotchkiss, Colorado. This yearly camp is the Center’s main public service activity and is open to shamans, shamanic artists, practitioners and the shaman curious.

Workshops being offered include a building a medicine wheel, divination methods, painting the inner journey, a drumming workshop and many more. Open Mic at the Main Stage will feature lots of musicians, storytellers, speakers, and dances, free entertainment supported by tips from the audience. We’ll have Bernie Heideman with Dances of Universal Peace and Big River John leading a shamanic trance dance.

Some fabulous shamanic artists will be showing in the hospitality area including Winter Ross, Chris Gentry, and SD Youngwolf. Or wander into the vendor area and get your cards read, have a cup of tea at the hospitality area, or buy cool stuff. Grab your tent and drum and head for Hotchkiss, Colorado. More details at

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