Shamanism and Parallel Universes


The old religious ballad Dem Bones[i] points out how all parts of the human body are connected. So too, we like Dem Bones, are connected to all things in the universe. And no one knows this better than the shaman. He accepts the notion that humans are star stuff and as such we are connected to what is now called the multiverse, that is, parallel universes. Consequently, we have parallel lives. This is not as strange as it may at first glance appear to be. Modern science things postulate there are as many as ten dimensions and some bold one are claiming there are at least twelve.

Does shamanism work in such a scientific view and if so, how? The controversy surrounding the origin of the word shaman may never be fully resolved. For practical purposes, it has a multi-national origin but one among the several is generally recognized as the origin: The word shaman probably derives from the Manchu-Tungus wordšaman, meaning‘one who knows’. A shaman is a person who has access to the spiritual world, to all cosmic creations and that includes parallel universes and any one of the identified dimensions.

The major premise behind this above bold statement is based on the scientific principle that all things vibrate. Second, vibration creates fluid energy. Even the so-called “dead stars” are still vibrating. The shaman, through trance, connects to the subtleties of that vibration, resonates with spiritual energy, and transfers that to his client.

Enoch Tan reminds us that “The secret of anything is consciousness of that thing. Intention is the offspring of consciousness. When you are conscious of something, you are also intending it. What you intend is what you manifest.” A shaman manifests healing energy and can do so whether its this universe, a parallel one, or a different dimension.

March 30, 2019

[i] Written by James Weldon Johnson and first recorded in 1928 by the Myers Jubilee Singers. The song is based on Ezekiel 37:1-4

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